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Respect EveryBody Shrouds
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Simple to use and Good Funeral Directors will be more than happy to help shroud
Shrouding the body
Lifting & Carrying
Decorate the shroud
Please see below 

Monday 29 April 2013

Respect EveryBody Shrouds
As seen on French TL1 prime time TV
2020 is set to double 
the Number of sales achieved in 2019
Because of 
100% Satisfied Customers
100% PASS rate against all independent Coffin tests 

Respect, we are in the International news!

“Our customers either purchase by choice, 
some simply may not have the money! 
others are sensible enough not to want to spend it,”

This is not just driven just by cost as not everybody wants a coffin

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 2017 was a fantastic year with a marked increase in acceptance of our shrouds up to 5 per week at one crematorium!
We are Proud to announce our Respect Shrouds where FINALIST'S for the Best Funeral Product 

Over 33,000 Hits in 2018 on this blog  & hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide
We ship Shrouds Worldwide, customers & distributors in 27 countries import our shrouds
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Simple to order, call 01427 612992 or e-mail 

Cremation testing PASSED for both EveryBody Shrouds, 
full Independent testing now complete adding confidence to all crematoriums internationally 
Respect Shrouds are Fit for purpose of Cremation 
With our unique Patented Charger system 
FFMA Coffin/Casket/Shroud ID: 285-00004

 2017 saw the launch of new products.
New Option for 2018
Respect Family Transfer Coffins made out of sustainable Willow
As Nations we recycle most things agreed so why not a coffin?
This Respect Family Coffin can be used both ways up

1, as a tray / beir for carrying shrouded loved ones with a beautiful clasp cover 

 2, as a crib without a lid for viewing and burial with a elegantly woven lid 

Or go to

For Cremation shrouds

Just one of the many compliments from Funeral Professionals 

                      Wonderful service again from Gordon and Alison @RespectGB - thanks guys, 
     shroud arrived in perfect time

Respect were so proud to be the ONLY new funeral item to be part of a cultural death exhibition in Bristol museum Oct 2015 - March 2016
seen here being gently positioned by curators staff at the museum 

2,500 went along to the Death Fair on March 5th 2016 in Bristol Museum
 shrouds were being demonstrated all day long
By Claire from Only With Love & The THFN The Home funeral network

January 2016 
Credit to the team at Natural Endings 
Another one of many cremations taken place in January 

Summer 2015
Respect announce they are now 2015 members of the Coffin Manufactures Association FFMA

comments from families and Funeral directors in 2015

Great service again from Gordon and Alison
 One beautiful shroud arrived in perfect time Great biz, Next day they said,It Went really well – no problems setting up the shroud or with the charging.
It was lovely – thanks for all your help

Dear Gordon
I wanted to let you know that my brother's burial went very well. The shroud was lovely and soft, 

great quality and perfect for the occasion and it was perfect for him. 
Your support and advice was really appreciated and I can’t really thank-you enough for giving 
up your time to do this.
Please feel free to use this in any publicity about your products or company.
Kind regards and best wishes,
BBC Promote Respect Shrouds, This is the BBC interview
And here is the link to the full story
a simple shroud is both elegant and potentially less expensive…

Thanks again for all your help. I love the shrouds. Just brilliant. 
It meant that as the twin brother of the deceased traveled to the funeral 
he was able to have his hand on his brother's shoulder throughout the shroud. 
Couldn't have done that with a coffin!
Credit to A Natural Undertaking Ltd one of our growing team who love using our shrouds
Summer 2015
Alice's special day organised by Charlotte Graham Funeral Directors
This photo was taken in front of the catafalque at South Leicester Crematorium   
Charlotte encouraged the entire congregation to step forward and attache message tags & touch Alice!
Now again, you simply could NOT do that with a coffin  
Late Summer 2014
We saw our first ever Shroud demonstration / training at the Good Funeral Guide Show 
Credit to Claire Turnham & team for a valued professional presentation / demonstration skills. 
More photos to help show how easy the EveryBody shroud is to use.
 Decorating can be as simple or elaborate as you would like it to be
Professional Funeral Directors & monitions are just as eager to help 

Back to the Coffin-Less-Shroud training day

We had a local florist make some beautiful small posies of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus which we decorated the shroud with, and used drops of lavender essential oil onto the shroud too
All the family can get involved if they so wish

Decorating the Shroud

There are many ways to decorate the shroud in order to personalise them in a way you see fit.  

You can use simple labels to write your farewell messages on 

In Holland they have been making polls to decorate and swathe over the shroud and remove them as keepsakes for family members and even pets for comfort blankets 

The shrouds can be dressed with any type of flower or greenery and everyone can get involved ensuring each shroud is different.

Many forward thinking UK Crematoriums have used our shrouds all without any problems at all and have confirmed they will welcome any family with our shrouds  

Now for a New Undertaking... Welcome to the Ideal Shroud Show
The annual funeral industry conference in Birmingham offered visitors everything, from tutorials on shroud-wrapping, right, to branded mugs and alternative casket materials Emilie Bailey

A warm September Saturday in Bournville, Birmingham, and at The Beeches it’s business as usual. Once a Cadbury family home, now a residential conference centre, this hideous mish-mash of post-war extensions, grafted onto a solid Edwardian property, is hosting a workshop on the suburban sward. Between a line of stunted pear trees and two yurts, Claire Turnham, a doula from the Only With Love organisation, is giving a shroud-wrapping lesson. With her friend Dawn playing dead on the bamboo trestle table, Claire demonstrates the origami-style folds needed to get the sewn-on grips in the right position for ­carrying. ­She threads some flowers into the wrapping sheet – also made from bamboo and kindly supplied by fellow delegate Gordon Tulley of Respect – and calls for six volunteer pallbearers. Dawn is only small, and they manage her with ease – but what about the bigger-boned, asks Martin, a trainee eulogist?  “The shrouds come in extra-wide and extra-long, too,” says Gordon.
Please see Newsweek for full article 

Wrapping The body in the Shroud

Respect Everybody shrouds are designed to have one side slightly longer that the other, 
First insert the BodyBoard into the sewn pouch on the inside of the shroud,
this is to give stability  whilst carrying and lowering
Add the tapered end first for ease of placing inside the shroud 

Lay the shroud on a suitably long table or stretcher with the carrying handles to the bottom so the pouch for the bodyboard to slide into is on the top

Respect Everybody Shrouds are designed to have one side slightly longer than the other.
Firstly wrap the feet

Then swathe the body with the shorter side first diagonally across the body from the feet to the opposite shoulder
Then bring the other side of the Shroud over

Fold the end over the face

and then bring over the sides

Gently fasten the ties in a bow to hold the shroud closed

Lifting the shrouded body - ALWAYS LIFT - DO NOT DRAG!

 Take the weight evenly
Carrying the shrouded body

This is the way to simply carry the shrouded body

BUT NOT like this as you should keep the bodyboard level  

the most common way is by Hearse 
Do NOT be mislead Contrary to popular belief, it is not a legal requirement that a coffin or casket must be used to house a dead body. The only legal stipulation is that 'It is an offence to expose a dead body near a public highway as this would outrage public decency'.
A body should therefore be covered in public, but the method of doing so is entirely up to the individual responsible for transferring the body.

If you choose to transport the deceased yourself you must ensure the body is secured 


Summer 2014 
Orders are increasing by the day thanks to our distributors.
Seven to Europe last week & nine being collected by our Dutch importer this week
one of our UK Green Burial Parks just sent this !
I'm really surprised how popular shrouds are becoming - we had a stand at a local agricultural show on Monday promoting awareness that natural burial is now available in our area and  a lot of people who spoke to us said that they would like a shroud when the time comes, four out of the eight plots we've sold will be shroud burials.  You obviously have the nack of knowing which waters to test!! 
Kind regards

A return to Traditional Shrouds for Burial & Cremation 
for more information on cremation shrouds visit

The idea of a burial in natural material has ancient roots, and in the seventeenth century the government even made it a legal requirement for everyone to be buried in a woolen shroud

Independent Recommendation 

Ken West MBE & Mrs Ann West Founders & Innovators of Natural Green Burials 20 years ago
 Congratulate Respect for their EveryBody Shrouds for Cremation at the UK National ICCM Conference  

Client testimonials: with the kind permission of the family and friends, see below.
“Thank you so much for your help, support and sensitivity during our tricky time”. 
“You and your colleagues responded to our needs excellently”.
Used for centuries by many different religions a shroud is a piece of woven material, used to wrap a body in preparation for Burial or Cremation -traditionally it was made of natural white cotton, linen, wool, flax, hemp or even silk.

My dad really wanted a shroud. Because that was the quickest way to become part of the Earth again," 

Respects EveryBody Shroud is made from unbleached natural bamboo

Woven in Great Britain designed for ‘EveryBody’.
Unlike other shrouds they are strong, you cannot see through them and EveryBody can afford them.
Easily transported in a Funeral Directors Hearse and customers have even transported their loved ones safely in their own vehicles for hundreds of miles to burial grounds in camper vans, private ambulances and motorbike hearse and one family chose a white van to move their loved to the burial ground.
Calverton & District Funeral Directors an Independent member of SAIF
"We found it easy to handle and transported without any problems" 
"we certainly would recommend it as an alternative to traditional coffins"   

Independent Recommendation

Hi - what beautiful shrouds - I love them!
Before I found your site I was showing my local cemetery & crematorium manager  
She wasn't happy about the other shrouds - she said she wouldn't even allow them for burial in the cemetery because how would you would lower them.
I told her but yours have boards in pockets and then sent her link to your page and now she is reconsidering and was even enthusiastic about the possibility!  saying Yay - it's changing..... 
Eve, a Berkshire Funeral Director

Ideal for a low-impact Natural Burial or Cremation,  our Respect EveryBody Shrouds are made from 100% biodegradable Bamboo and it is tightly woven to be naturally almost waterproof. The shroud is opened out 9’ x 6’ and a light 11 mm inner-body-board 40 x 175 cm is laid into a strong concealed pocket in the shroud with the deceased placed on top before being gently wrapped and held in place with four fine jute ties to ease in transport and handling. Carrying is safely controlled by four strong built -in jute carrying handles designed for low level carrying. We also have a choice of Bearers depending on the weight of the deceased and these are made either from willow or ash poles with five strong jute slings or our full bamboo stretcher.
The shrouded body safely rests on its inner-body-board and is lowered onto either bearer.
A burial shroud is classed as going back to an old tradition within Christian, Monks, Muslim, and Hindus religion. A burial shroud provides a family with an elegant and dignified method of burial with minimal impact on the environment. Woven domestically from all-natural bamboo, our Respect EveryBody Natural Burial Shroud is not bleached and contains no dye. Opaque in its natural hue, this shroud is soft to touch. The shroud comes in one size with all edges double hemmed providing ample material for full body shroud.
Respect Shrouds are for both Burial and Cremation
They have very recently undergone 
successful testing in English local authority operated crematoriums 
Independent Recommendation

Cremation Testimonials & Recommendations using the EveryBody Shroud
From: Judy
Sent: 01 August 2013 21:06
To: 'Respect Green Burials Customer Services'
Subject: RE: Successfully using your shroud for Cremation
Hello Gordon,
I have used one shroud for a cremation yesterday.
The women in it was 92 years old.
She was a Waldorf School teacher and worked till in her 91st.
We laid her in the shroud in her garden and everybody put flowers from her garden between the folds of the shroud material.
It was wonderful.
"The Town Crematorium use a Facultatieve-Technologies Cremator, Europe's No1"
Best regards,
Judy Koopman Holland 

This Dutch customer is an undertaker who first ordered one then 6 more shrouds.

They are especially acceptable to those who fear being closed in or as some put it nailed into a coffin.  Many of our forefathers such as the Vikings and Romans naturally used a Burial Shroud as a way of Respecting the deceased.

Natural Burial Shrouds. Produced to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality & Environmental Standards
Our all-natural burial shrouds are woven and sewn from Natural Bamboo and are suitable for natural burial grounds, cemeteries and crematoriums. 100% bio-degradable, reduces carbon emissions.

In the UK, shrouds are making a comeback with at least one District Council in England requiring their use for burial / cremation on environmental grounds. Even in our immediate area of Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Lincoln & Mansfield the use of shrouds is encouraged.

more testimonials
"Please use and enjoy the following pictures of us saying goodbye to our wonderful wild friend!" PH.
Notice the lipstick Kiss

“The shroud was perfect”.
It was, light, secure, arrived in perfect time, easy to use (the mortuary kindly wrapped our friend in it after dressing him in a suit!), but also accessible to those that wanted to see his face before burial. 

This family transported their loved one from Merseyside down to London in the shroud on his final journey to his resting place without any problems at all.

The first customer wrote !

We were pleased to be able to have something more than bed sheets for the purpose.
Our chevra chadasha found the shroud easy to use and appropriate for the purpose in accordance to a process called "taharah". .

Again--my thanks!
Rabbi Dr Ruth Fleischer
B'Nai Maccabim Synagogue

Another customer
 Her Aunt asked her to find a shroud to bury her in, in a natural green burial park in Nottinghamshire and said her Aunt was delighted when I told her I had found exactly what she was looking for, sadly her time came soon after and the local funeral director helped the family prepare her to be transported her 100 miles in the shroud to her final resting place.
SW of Bishops Castle said
"It all went very well, quite a few people said it had made them reconsider their own plans".
No one was fazed by the shroud, but I had taken the precaution of warning most.
The shroud arrived quickly and you gave me good instructions for the undertaker. We found it easy to move and transport, in fact we took her to Nottingham in our motorhome. We found the undertakers, burial ground and staff at morgue extremely helpful. For most it was a first, in the end I had to point out that it was a first for Auntie Norah as well!
The undertaker who laid her out and put her in the shroud was John Morris Funeral Directors of Bishops Castle, then the undertakers Calverton & District Funeral Service (SAIF members) brought Aunt Nora to the Natural Burial Ground 
"The general opinion was that it was a lovely, low key affair. Very much in tune with my aunt's own philosophies"

Auntie Norah was very keen on people having new experiences, her funeral certainly turned out to be that.
We were led at the grave and afterwards by a Quaker elder from Nottingham Meeting House.
With many thanks for your contribution to what turned out to be a very enlightening experience.

John Morris a funeral director of W J Morris said "having been in the funeral industry for 38 years
I was quite impressed and pleasantly surprised, it was very neat and all-round a good product"

Independent Recommendation

A Recommendation from a long established Green Burial Ground 

Just had my first burial in a 'Bamboo Shroud' yesterday at Tithe Green (Nottingham). It was a Quaker funeral of a 87 year old lady and listening in to some of the comments of the 50(ish) people who attended, most talked about how beautiful the shroud was with the occasional "not for me" comment (to be expected I suppose). There was also a lot of discussion (and pleasant surprise) around the fact that it was made from Bamboo.

The family had done some basic decorating of the shroud by placing a small number of flowers in the ties and chose not to leave flowers for the grave but had various collections of wild flower seeds, which they asked me to scatter over the grave. All in all it felt like a very 'green' funeral. The immediate family appeared very happy with the shroud and commented that it was just what 'Auntie Nora' would have wanted.

Many Thanks Gordon and I will be happy to recommend your shroud again to families who may be considering this type of burial.

All the best
Steve Barnes 
Photos of Will's Special day

Full story in this springs edition of More to Death
please click the link below

Unbelievable response from the International Trade visitors to the NAFD exhibition June 2013
Respect sold out of stock by lunch time on the second day and fulfilled all orders within days after a very successful show 
Retail price £195.00 plus delivery and if you wish we can supply the bodyboard
Next working day delivery 
For more information please e-mail or call 01427 612992