Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How to

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Respect EveryBody Shrouds
As seen on BBC Breakfast

Its simple just call 01427 612992 or e-mail
Simple to use and Good Funeral Directors will be more than happy to help shroud
Shrouding the body
Lifting & Carrying
Decorate the shroud
Please see below 


  1. It would help if you posted prices.

    1. Dear Anna
      first of all Many thanks for posting your message,
      the price is at the bottom of our blog page, we put it there so people will scroll through our photos and customers comments, just to save you looking it reads
      Retail price £150.00 plus delivery and if you wish we can supply the bodyboard
      Next working day delivery
      For more information please e-mail
      or call 01427 612992

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